Below is a list of fantastic games by Scuddle.

 Space Llama
In a world where Llamas are capable of operating jetpacks and blasting devastating rainbows from their face, one Llama must blast through the cosmos. Battle it out against viscous Robot Sharks, SpaceiGators, and more as you dodge oncoming Asteroids and Space-Mines in this beautiful side-scrolling shooter!

 Daeblo [Episode 1]
Hell and Earth are one. Journey through the twisted world as Daeblo, demon on a quest.

 Evil Space Creatures, From Space [1]
Evil Space Creatures, From Space! They're falling from the sky, and it's up to dodge them for as long as possible.

 Evil Space Creatures, From Space [2]
Evil Space Creatures, From Space. Part 2. The Space Creatures have evolved. Their attack methods have gone from bombing the earth with their bodies, to EATING the humans! it's up to you to stop them! Grab a hold of your gun and take out as many of these space creatures as you can!

 Evil Space Creatures, From Space [3]
The third installment of "Evil Space Creatures, From Space" Fight Space Creatures, earn exp and cash, level up, and get stronger in this Turn Based Fighting game.

 The Risers - Prophet
The risers are coming. Secured in your treehouse with nothing but a shotgun and a will to survive, you have to fight off the horde for as long as you can, or die trying.


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