Below is a list of fantastic cartoons by Scuddle.

 Keith: The Squid Taimer [Episode 1x01]
Keith, Just your average Squid Taimer who happens to own a lobster brewery. His life takes a turn when he's faced with time raveling robots, battle squids, and a world of absolute non-sense.

 Keith: The Squid Taimer [Episode 1x02]
After confronting time raveling robots and seiging war on the world with an army of battle squids, Keith puts fourth his plan to utilize the full strength of his Zombie Squids to conquor the world in a manner of random none sense.

 Keith: The Squid Taimer [Episode 1x03]
After Confronting obama with his plans for global conquest. Keith finds himself in a sticky situation where he is faced with Two obamas, But which one is the real one?

 Keith: The Squid Taimer [Episode 1x04]
Which was the real Obama? We may never find out now, with keith taken by mysterious sources. What are their intentions? Find Out in this exciting new episode of Keith: The Squid Taimer

 Keith: The Squid Taimer [Episode 1x05]
After being captured by his newly discovered Twin brother, Milfred. Keith must find a way out of this "sticky situation" or lose all his organs to Dr. Lazer and Milfred.

 Space Whale, In Space. [Part 1]
He's a space whale, in space. Doing space whale stuff in space.

 Space Whale, In Space. [Part 2]
The continued adventures of Space Whale, In Space. Doing space whale stuff, in space. What kind of misadventures will our hero embark on today?


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